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HK Lamma Island: bike parking

When visiting Lamma Island, the first thing you see on leaving the ferry terminal is rows of bikes chained to the railings on both sides of the pier to the town. This has been an issue for the Hong Kong Government, who say ‘for many years … the pier channel was full of bicycles blocking the passage’. In the past (2012), they gathered the bikes up and demolished them at the island’s refuse dump, ‘including at least two new bikes’. When I visited the island in May 2015 the bikes were back in great numbers; someone had counted over 400 on a week day. (Reference Building the “Cycle Parking Platform“)

The Government’s solution was to build a very expensive bike park next to the pier, which was complete when I visited again in June 2015, but was not being used foe pibe parking, for unexplained reasons. But was being used as play area for children.


I visited again in Nov 2018 (second photo above); now the bike park is overflowing, and bikes are again taking the space along the pier railing. The above photo shows it’s not back to the same level as in 2015, but coming out of the ferry terminal I do get the feeling the extra bike parking has encouraged more people to bike, as my most recent photo from Nov 2018 below shows.



Western Rail Trail Spring 2018

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Quoting from Hamilton Bike Plan

Western Rail Trail: Providing an off road connection from the south west suburbs to the central city, parallel to the rail track.

It will [does] provide a safe biking route for commuters and an attractive recreational route for families wanting to enjoy a picnic at the Lake. The route will be promoted and [has] signage installed, along with biking facilities such as bike parks and seating, to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

The Western Rail Trail will provide a connection from the south west suburbs of Hamilton through to the city. It will enable future links to Lake Rotoroa, the rail station, Frankton and the city’s Seddon Park and Waikato Stadium.