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Double Tracking River Rd

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When Hamilton double-tracks the rail lines across the river, River Road will be 2 metres above the existing road height at the intersection with O’Neill St, removing motor vehicle access between the two.

For people walking, biking or scooting, existing paths heading north would be similar to now, and the southern corner path gradient could remain the same. To build an underpass under River Road, the gradient to the south would be less forgiving.

Claudelands Rd  / River Rd has no need to be grade separated; it can become an at-grade light controlled intersection, allowing full access in all directions. No longer will people get lost trying to find their way between the city centre and Claudelands.

From Hamilton’s 2005 ‘2020 vivsion plan’

The other benefit of double tracking from Ruakura to Frankton will be grade separation of railway road crossings at Heaphy Terrace and Peachgrove Road, improving traffic flow on existing road surfaces and enabling fast, frequent and high capacity services along a rail corridor separated from general traffic and thus not affected by road congestion.

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O’Neill St double tracking

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Included in the post ‘Claudelands, Heaphy and Brooklyn plans’ was a proposal for double rail tracking through O’Neill St. This post adds more detail on the effects on O’Neill Street.

Using the contour map from the Waikato Regional Council site, the existing single rail track crosses the river at an elevation of about 35m. Victoria and Anglesea St are above 39m. Looking at the O’Neill St and Heaphy Tce end there is a 39m elevation, dropping to 33m at George St and back up to 36m at River Rd.

At the River Rd end of O’Neill St, good accessible pedestrian access can be provided, but O’Neill St will be closed to motor vehicles. Properties on the north side of O’Neill St will still have access from George St and Heaphy Tce. Properties on the south side of O’Neill St will not have motor vehicle access to George St or River Rd, but they will have good pedestrian access under River Rd to the city. Access to properties east of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (13 O’Neill St) will be unchanged. 230m (60%) of O’Neill Street’s 380m will be affected.

The emotional cost for people living west of Church (17 O’Neill St) will be very high, especially during the consultation process and construction period. It is normal to have a strong NIMBY response to a major change like this and to expect it to be well led. This is not a problem; any major change like this needs good leadership from the start. The focus is on good design of double tracking through Hamilton Central.

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