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Deanwell’s stand alone corner dairy

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Here is a picture of a corner dairy in Vathorst, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. This apartment building is less than a decade old and it is an example of small-scale economic activity, supporting the local population and making the corner an active, social place where you’ll find people most times during the day and a good part of the evening.

Here in Deanwell, we can see a development with a similar goal, where the corner dairy is part of an apartment building, not on the same scale as the Vathorst example, but giving residents the same convenience of having an extension of their pantry on their doorstep and providing a place where locals informally share, contribute and build a sustainable neighbourhood.

What supports this dairy is the high density of homes (and schools) within walking distance of this corner. Much of the area has a population density of around 4,000 persons per square km (source:

This high density also shows a good number of people living within a 400m nominal distance of other dairies in Melville.

The Deanwell corner dairy combined with apartments is sensible; it may not meet everyone’s definition of attractive, but because the Deanwell neighbourhood offers housing types of every kind, the suburb is attractive to a wide range of people.


Melville bright spots and land use

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Melville has one of the highest concentrations of schools in Hamilton, with 5 primary schools if you count South City Christian School and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Whakawetea. This provides lots for choice for families choosing to live in this part of the city and helps to explain why the median age in Melville is 2 years below the median for Hamilton city.

Looking for Melville’s bright spot, Mountview Rd is attractive to an increasing number of people, who on average are younger and increasingly wealthier than the people living there last century.

We should note that the 2013 census data is starting to age; there is investment along Mahoe St, Catalina Dr and Saxby’s Rd and the outcome from this new investment is not measured in the 2013 statistics currently available.


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