AA advocates for 30km/h speed limit

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30 km/h this is true, thanks to Brian Gibbons, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Automobile Association, and Deputy President of FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) Automobile Mobility & Tourism, a position that sees him take a leadership role in a world-wide capacity. FIA has a global Membership of over 100 million individual club members.

The FIA identifies key priorities that must be addressed, and is supporting action for each through its grant programme and through advocacy initiatives, which include:

  • Prioritise pedestrians and cyclists in urban planning
  • #SlowDown: < 30 km/h speed limits on school routes and residential streets
  • By 2030, a safe and healthy journey to school for every child.

Here is a link to the relevant material: http://www.fiafoundation.org/blog/2017/february/ten-years-on-make-roads-safe-redux

Brian is 3 third from right in the group photo under the header

“In 2017 global road safety campaign priorities include a call for increased funding for road safety. … the FIA’s High Level Panel for Road Safety (below) are pushing for a UN Road Safety Fund, with FIA Foundation funding and advocacy support.”

More information about FIA from aa.co.nz affiliations fia

“Founded in 1904, the FIA is a non-profit making association.  Based in Paris, the FIA brings together 227 national motoring and sporting organisations from 132 countries. Its member clubs, of which the New Zealand Automobile Association is one, represent millions of motorists and their families.”

“The FIA is also the governing body for motor sport worldwide. It administers the rules and regulations for all international four-wheel motor sport including the FIA Formula One World Championship, FIA World Rally Championship and FIA World Touring Car Championship”

FIA also knows a bit about planning for Zero traffic fatalities.

“The Coalition is striving to end traffic fatalities in the United States within the next 30 years”

School route, Te Rapa Rd Hamilton: 60 km/h road.


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Hamilton Lake census unit area bright spots

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At the end of Tawa St we have a community of homes surrounded by industry, which is increasingly attracting more people.  It has a unique sense of place that is providing a positive economic outcome for the younger people choosing to live here.
tawa-st-1 tawa-st-2
The corner of Ohaupo Rd/Sandleigh Rd provides housing, employment and play, all within a few dozen metres of the front door. So it’s not surprising more people want to live here, including quite young people (Median age 18 years) and increasingly wealthier people (Median income $52.5k, up from $27.5k in 2001)
The Pembroke St city block closest to the hospital is clearly a good location: there are more people, who are younger, with more money and they are people who are willing to share their homes. The number of people living here has increased from 126 in 2001 to 144 in 2013, yet the number of dwellings has stayed at 51 over this time. This is an area where adding more dwellings would have a good outcome, but the district plan doesn’t zone this area for growth. Because of this, the outcome could be dwelling types that are designed for renting by the room (tenement housing). pembroke-tidd-st
To end here are three images of change
lake-pop-change-01-13 lake-age-change-01-13 lake-income-change-01-13

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